Freequently Asked Questions

Related To Social Media Platforms

If you are feeling difficulty to add a business listing in AgencyGraph you must complete the verification process or contact the account owner to verify the listing.
Yes of course. You can schedule your post in all social networking platforms via AgencyGraph.
Yes. You can see the number of views and clicks on your post via AgencyGraph.
If you are uploading a picture on social media networks via AgencyGraph, ensure that there must be a text along with that.
Yes. You can view the brand health stats for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles but, because of some API strict regulations, you can not enjoy this feature in Google My Business.
Related To Making A New Post

Yes. You can set up a custom targeting on your post, only for Facebook. All you need to do is to choose the 'set-targeting' icon after entering a new post window on AgencyGraph. Now you can decide who will be able to see your post in the future.
Go to the new post button on AgencyGraph. Here in your textbox you can choose your favourite emoji.
Yes, but this feature is available for Facebook and Linkedin only. You have to choose the circular GPS-like button at the bottom of the publishing window in AgencyGraph.
For Facebook, this set-targeting button supports you to customize the location based on countries.
For LinkedIn profile, this set-targeting button supports you to customize the content and post it for the specific countries.
Yes. The details of character limits on AgencyGraph is given below:
  • Facebook: 62,206 Character
  • Instagram: 2200 Character
  • Twitter: 280 Character
  • LinkedIn: 1300 Character
  • Google My Business: 1500 Character
Related to Brand Health

Because of some strict rules and regulations of API, the brand health is unable to do this.
Sorry. We regret the inconvenience but for now, this feature is not available.
When you analyze the brand health, there will a metrics which will show you the brand's performance of the last 1 month for all kinds of social media networks available in AgencyGraph.
Related to publishing and scheduling

You can tag the people only for Instagram and Twitter. We are continuously working in this field to make other platforms compatible with tagging.
These are the main points which you should follow to avoid post failure:
  • Size of the image which you are uploading should be in the limit as defined by AgencyGraph.
  • Publishing content must be unique. Never try to copy-paste it from somewhere.
  • Ensure that your Internet connectivity should be good.
Yes. You can do it via AgencyGraph.

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